The Perfect Care Package {Tutorial}

“Nothing makes the earth seem so spacious as to have friends at a distance; they make the latitudes and longitudes.”
~Henry David Thoreau



Between college, studying abroad, a big cross country move, and my nomadic theater lifestyle, I too have friends all over the world. It is because of them that I love this Thoreau quote so much. Blessed is anyone with friends, even when those friends are scattered across the globe. The sheer distance certainly makes you miss them something fierce and one needs to work extra hard at keeping up your relationships, especially when you can’t just pop in for a visit. I do my best through cards, emails, texts, skype dates and care packages to stay in contact and continue to cultivate the relationships I have with my not-so-nearest but definitely dearest friends.

Care packages are my favorite. I love assembling a package, carefully selecting the items to go inside and imagining the receiver opening it up in their faraway home. Just like Christmas morning, I get all giggly and excitable! How do I come up with ideas you ask? Well you know the wedding saying: “something old, something new, something borrowed something blue?” This saying also just happens to go pretty far as a guide for making the perfect care package!

how-to care package

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care package

I like to include something vintage (old) that they will be able to use in their home that will also serve as a vessel for transporting goods in the package. In the care package pictured here I sent along this fabulously rusted vintage coffee tin with beans nestled inside from my favorite local roaster, Case Coffee in Ashland Oregon. (Just a tip, they ship their beans for free…seriously.)  Then I like to include something purchased, like some goodies or treats (new). I always send local specialties, a little something that gives the receiver a taste of my home. I selected some of Southern Oregon’s best honey, mixing chocolate, and the most amazing (outside of homemade) cookies you will ever taste. Now instead of something borrowed, it just doesn’t make sense does it? I send something homemade. This package had my home-cured spicy pickles and some pumpkin butter spread…”spread the love” as my family says. Throw in a card (blue) and you have a package that is sure to please your grown-up child at college, your father-in-law, or your best girlfriend in London. Make sure to secure all liquids in bags and pack with bubble wrap or padding; you will also need to alert the postal service that you have liquids in your box; as long as they aren’t flammable they are legal to send.

care package Happy care packaging!

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