Seat Cushion Reupholster Tutorial

Sometimes you need a change. Sometimes comes about once a season for me. I cannot be alone though in wanting to spruce up my house for different seasons. In the winter the heavy drapes and darker pillowcases for the throws almost make our drafty Victorian feel warm. The summer calls for shear curtains and a lighter palate.

One of my personal ways to spruce up the house though is by changing the seat cushions out. I found these stunning vintage wrought iron chairs on the side of the street awaiting the trash man in New York City. That is one thing I really miss about New York, the perpetual free side walk treats that one might find at any moment. I have walked avenues with furniture in my hands, I have hailed cabs rerouting my self and dinner plans to take a hand tooled book case back to up town to my little studio on the west side.

I have scoped out a bike for house that was lying in a heap of trash but didn’t want to take it if someone had left it there on purpose…you know they could have been in a rush and just set it there I thought peering from the blinds of my apartment watching the clock tick by until a suitable length of time had passed to make the piece a finders keepers treasure that I peddle around Ashland Oregon now.

Just like that bike these chairs have traversed the country finding their way into my new home. At least twice a year they get a makeover to bring a little change and newness when one needs a refresher!











You will need

  • Fabric – I like indoor/outdoor for chairs it makes wiping up spills super easy
  • A staple gun
  • Measuring tape
  • Tools for removing seat cushions – mine are screwed in so I use a power drill

How to

  • Measure one cushion adding at lease 2 inches to the dimensions for fold over
  • Purchase fabric with a little extra to spare
  • Remove the cushion and place on top of butcher paper of a paper bag that has been cut open
  • Then add 2 inches to the tracing and cut out – this is your pattern
  • Cut fabric for each chair
  • Set cushion bottom side up on wrong side of fabric
  • Start stapling fabric to the underside of the cushion folding and pleating as you go
  • Reinsert cushion to chair and secure with same hardware


To sitting pretty,

Marcella Rose


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Marcella began cooking early, learning from her self-taught mom who prepared brilliant meals nightly. At thirteen, cooking on a Ranch, she learned how to get creative in the kitchen. With an eye for the beautiful, a growing palate, and keen organizing skills she soon began hosting parties and catering events. Moving to New York she was graced to have worked with some of the best interior designers in the city. Taking these skills to the Internet with Marcella Rose’s she shares her passion and innovation hoping to inspire the modern woman.

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