Reversible Halloween to Thanksgiving Banner

Hey Boo’s and Ghoul’s! Halloween is just 4 days away so for planners like me we’re already thinking about putting away the Halloween decorations and bringing out more Fall and Thanksgiving décor this weekend.


The hashtag struggle is real to find places to store all of the different items for 3 different holidays. Then you have to find the time to re-decorate for each one. For some people, myself included, Thanksgiving often times gets thrown by the wayside. It’s hard enough to get Halloween taken down and 4 weeks later put up Christmas.

But this year I decided to give Thanksgiving what it’s due – a little mantel décor. To make things easier on me I made this reversible, easy, and inexpensive banner.

holiday banner2

At my local craft store, I picked a package of 20 feathers, some gold acrylic paint, and burlap colored cardstock. I already had a black marker, hot glue, and twine on hand. Once at home, I dipped each feather into the gold paint and set it up at an angle to dry. It’s important the paint doesn’t touch anything while it dries – since you’ll want both sides covered you need to be sure the paint won’t stick to anything.

While it dried, I cut a banner shape out of the cardstock and drew by hand my letters. You can choose whatever you’d like for it to say – just be sure there is the same amount of characters for each holiday. I went with Hocus Pocus for Halloween and Be Grateful for Thanksgiving. The key when drawing the characters is to be sure the 2nd set is backwards – for it to be reversible you just want to flip it over. like this . . .

front side :: Hocus Pocus

back side ::  lufet  argeb

Once the feathers are dry, simply hot glue them wherever you see fit and looks best. Lastly, punch holes near the top of the cardstock and string the twine through. Viola!



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  1. I looove this idea Bex! It’s such a great way to double up on decor without using just generic “fall” decorations!