Personalized Wrapping Paper.

craftyspotI live in a studio apartment so I don’t have a lot of room for a ton of wrapping paper and accessories. I’ve also learned that a personalized touch to anything, especially gifts, always means a lot (you can read more about this and this specific gift here at my blog, Flowers in my Hair).

For this project you will need, brown wrapping paper and glitter pens. You can use glitter and glue but that’s a messy situation. Also, I just have to say no one does glitter like Martha Stewart. Once you go Martha Stewart glitter, you never go back.

IMG_1253My whole thing when making wrapping paper is that it can look cheesy. That’s why before I do anything, I measure how much I will need for the box I am wrapping.

IMG_1251Then, I lay it out flat and draw the designs on it (this was The Little Prince themed) at random. I want it to look like a pattern. Not like I wrapped the box and then decorated it. I wanted the folds on the corner of the box to go over the glitter. I wanted it to be rustic and real at the same time. Can glitter be rustic?

IMG_1249 2In the end, it turned out lovely and like I said, it meant so much to my friend. This happened to be for a baby shower so I am sure she was getting a ton of blue wrapping paper and things like that. It was also a simple way to stretch my very small budget for someone that I loved.

IMG_1259 2Really this is a super easy project that I will be repeating and means a lot to the person who eventually opens it. Again, you can read the whole story here. The most fun I have with craft is when I am making things for others so this was right up my alley. Let me know if you have ever tried it or something similar!

Nina at Flowers in my Hair 

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