Paper Easter Banner

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Since Easter is a little earlier this year, I thought I’d stop over from Just Mom Matters to share a festive paper garland.

Though it can be customized for any holiday, its clean lines and simple design are an ideal reflection of the solemnity of the Lenten season. Opt for purple or violet paper to reiterate the liturgical color represented during Lent, or choose a varied pastel palette.

What you’ll need:

* Pages of a book
* Card stock
* Scissors and/or a paper cutter
* Hot glue or Mod Podge
* Twine or string

1. After cutting this template out, lay it on the torn out pages of your book and trace with a pencil.



2. Using a paper cutter or scissors, cut along the pencil outline. Fold the top of each piece over slightly–this is where you’ll attach the twine in the final step.


3. Print out letters to spell your banner message. Choose plain paper or colored card stock and print straight from a word processing program. Cut out carefully, making sure each letter fits on a banner piece.


4. Attach letters to the book page backing pieces with your preferred adhesive. (And here’s the cross I used, too.)

5. Squirt a line of hot glue into the folded area of the paper. Lay the twine on the glue and fold the paper over, pressing gently to seal closed. Make sure you have your message in the right order before you start–I was three in when I realized I was gluing them backwards. Ugh!



6. Hang your banner to celebrate the season. No worries if you don’t have a mantle, hang it from a piece of furniture, across a window, mirror or picture frame.



Easter blessings!



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  1. So glad I didn’t throw away those old books and magazines I have. This is a great project for Easter or any holiday.