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Hey, Crafters! I’m here this month from Just Mom Matters with an easy tutorial for a Mason Jar Organizer.

Since our move in April, I’ve been busy creating budget-friendly storage solutions and organizers to get the contents of each room in logical order. Like the DIY Rolling Storage Drawers I shared last month, the Mason Jar Organizer is also a perfect upcycling project that can be put together in an afternoon with inexpensive materials. And if you’re a serial DIY-er, you probably have all the materials already on hand, making it even easier to complete.

What you’ll need:

* Mason jars – I used old spaghetti jars
* Hose clamps
* Wooden board
* Drill
* Machine screws and nuts – 2 nuts per screw are required
* Optional – paint, stain, hooks

1. Determine the purpose your organizer will serve, where it will hang, and the required space. I needed a place to stuff the lint each time I cleaned my dryer filter, as well as a place to toss loose change I find when doing laundry. I also decided I’d like to hang a broom and Swiffer, too.


2. Cut your board to fit your space, then add paint or stain, or even leave it unfinished. I stained mine and didn’t like it, so I added whitewash on top. I still wasn’t satisfied until I attached a piece of decorative metal screen by securing with upholstery tacks. I also spray painted the clamps, screws, nuts, and hook to match the tacks. All items I had on hand, except for the board.


3. Make sure to lay everything out before drilling, use a level and tape measure to determine adequate and even spacing. Drill a hole in your clamp, as well as a hole in the board at each location where the jars will hang.



4. Secure a nut on a screw after slipping it through the pre-drilled hole in the metal clamp. THIS IS KEY to ensuring the jar hangs straight when attached to the board; if there is no nut, the bottom of the jar will tilt away from the board slightly.



5. Slide the screw with the clamp attached through the pre-drilled hole in the board and secure by threading another nut on the back. If your screw post is too long, use wire cutters to trim it to the desired length.


6. Place the rim of the jar in the clamp and tighten by twisting the screw on the side of the clamp.


7. Attach two D-ring hangers to the back of the board, using a level to ensure they are in line.



Hang your cool, new Mason Jar Organizer up and admire your handywork.



Until next month,


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