Flags for Your Champagne Toast

howtomakepopAs if a champagne toast could be any more special, why not do it up for New Year’s Eve? This project was not only extremely easy but I had everything I needed and did not have to purchase anything (I call that #winning). If your plans are low key, this will be a special touch. If you are doing something fancy, these will match the occasion.

I started by picking out paper and went with something classic for the night like black and gold. I cut these out without a stencil by first eying the size rectangle I wanted to cut. After I had a rectangle, I chose one end and cut diagonally in from each corner to create the flag. If you are more comfortable, feel free to print a flag from the internet.pop3I used a paint pen on the glitter paper and puff paints on the black. I chose a fun mismatch of straws I had around the house. Is it weird that I have decorated paper straws at the ready? I hope not but they did make my life easy for this one. I honestly had no idea how this would work out. I used card stock so maybe next time I would consider adding gems or other fun things.pop1When I wrote on the flag, I left plenty of tail. I used hot glue to wrap the flag around the straw. It was so easy that I didn’t even burn myself which if you know me and hot glue, is kind of a New Year’s Eve miracle. pop4I could have poured champagne in these glasses but I am saving it for something more than a photo opportunity. Champagne is meant to be sipped and enjoyed. Don’t you agree?pop2The longest part of this project was just waiting for the puff paint to dry. If you just used markers, they took less than ten minutes and zero dollars because I happened to have all the supplies. I can’t wait to make more for other occasions. I feel like they add a touch of glamor to a baby shower, a birthday, or even a fun girl’s night.

Pop, Fizz, Clink!

Nina from Flowers in my Hair


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  1. Such a cute and fun project! Thanks so much for the party inspiration!
    ~ Ashley