Easy DIY Snow-Globe

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It’s Mary from JustMomMatters popping over this month with another easy project that’s kid-friendly and sure to get everyone in the holiday spirit. With just a few supplies and in a days time (and that’s only because the glue has to dry completely) your kids can make a magical snow-globe of their very own. Choose holiday-themed objects or have the kids search their rooms for plastic trinkets to display for an everyday globe. This is a perfect day-after-Thanksgiving  project for the kids, or save it for a rainy day!

What you’ll need:

* clean jar –  any kind will work, I used an old olive jar
* plastic trinkets – anything metal will rust
* spray paint
* waterproof glue
* water
* glycerin – available in the pharmacy/first aid section of most stores
* glitter
Optional–spray the lid with a couple even coats of spray paint. I used a silver Rustoleum spray paint I had on hand. You can spray both sides if you want the interior to match (as long as not a water-based paint), but you won’t notice it much once the snow-globe is complete.

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Do a test run to see how your objects fit inside the jar. We found our Santa was too short and distorted a bit by the threads on the jar, so my 7-year-old had the idea to glue him to a Lego piece for some added height.

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Cover the entire bottom of your trinket to be displayed inside the jar in waterproof glue.

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Squirt waterproof glue on the inside of the jar lid where you’d like your decoration to sit. Pay attention to the specific directions on your glue, you may have to wait a few minutes before adhering the trinket to the lid.

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Otherwise, firmly set the object in place on the lid and allow 24 hours for dry time.

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Fill the jar with water, as close to the top as possible.

Add a few drops of glycerin (which helps the glitter float more slowly) and a decent helping of glitter.


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Screw the lid on the jar, wiping up any water that may overflow, and shake it up.

Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving filled with the love and laughter of your friends and family.



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Mary Evett is best known for being a stay-at-home mom of 3 athletic boys and turning thrift shop finds into fashionable DIY projects. She has a degree in advertising from the University of Texas at Austin and spent time in the real world working in advertising and marketing, but she found her niche after becoming a mom and refinishing her first piece of furniture. She writes about her testosterone-driven life on her personal blog JustMomMatters, and is a regular contributor to ModernMom, the Bump, eHow, Examiner, GlobalPost, and SFGate. When she’s not playing the referee or writing, you’ll find her in her garage sanding, painting, cutting, or gluing something together.

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