Drawstring Pillowcase Candy Sacks

Hey, friends! It’s Mary, from JustMomMatters, back again to share another crafty project with all you creative types. Since it’s October and Halloween is right around the corner, I thought this simple seasonal project is perfect for sharing.


Pillowcases are the classic Halloween candy sacks, but old pillowcases definitely aren’t the cutest option. Luckily, it’s easy to dress up a standard pillowcase with a Halloween-themed picture to add some unique holiday fun to your child’s candy bag.



What you’ll need:

Iron-on transfer paper

Search online for a Halloween picture and save it to your computer (to the Desktop for quickest retrieval). I found these by searching ‘cartoon Frankenstein,’ ‘cartoon vampire’ and ‘trick or treat.’

Open a new document in your word processing program. Insert the picture into the blank document by finding it in the saved location on your computer. Resize the picture as desired.

Insert one sheet of transfer paper into your printer and print. Make sure to follow the directions included on the paper package to avoid printing on the wrong side.

Use scissors to cut around the printed image, leaving 1/4 inch border.

cut iron ons

iron ons

Preheat the iron to the hottest cotton setting–do not use water or steam–and lay the pillowcase on your ironing surface. Iron the pillowcase first before arranging the printed image on the fabric. Once the image is laying face down on the fabric, use firm and steady pressure to iron the picture onto the pillowcase. Make sure to move slowly and cover all of the corners and edges sufficiently.


Peel the transfer away from the fabric while it’s still hot.


Cut two small holes in the hem at the top of the pillowcase, one on each side of the seam that’s sewn together.

cut holes

Slip rope through the hole and work it around until it can be pulled through the second hole. Tie knots in the ends of the rope to prevent it from slipping out and seal the ends of the rope (if it’s synthetic) by carefully melting them with a lighter.

insert rope


pull through

Wrap a piece of tape around the frayed end of your rope to make the process of  inserting the rope even easier.

If you’re feeling especially creative, paint a pattern or a Halloween scene on the pillowcase with acrylic paint.

photo 1_opt

photo 5_opt

Tip: If you are using words, make sure to flip, or mirror, them after inserting them into your document. The words will transfer correctly to the pillowcase once they are ironed on.

Happy Halloween!

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