DIY Rolling Storage Drawers

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Hi, faithful readers! It has been a busy month since my last MCS post, but I’m happy to be back from Just Mom Matters to share an affordable project I just completed for use in my own home–rolling storage drawers.

Since moving into our new home about a month ago, I’ve been on a never-ending hunt for efficient storage and organizational solutions. Even though our new home is loads larger and has an ample amount of storage space, I’m still brainstorming the most efficient use of every room. On my last Target run to buy yet another basket for storage, I had the idea to re-purpose some drawers from my son’s very old changing table/dresser.


If you are lucky to have a few old drawers, or see some at a garage sale, consider using them for an under-the-bed storage solution. They’re perfect for storing seasonal clothes, extra blankets or linens, or children’s toys. Paint them a bright, bold hue for an unexpected color pop, or use them as-is since they can be hidden completely beneath the bed.

What you’ll need:

* Small caster wheels
* Wood screws (or machine screws with nuts)
* Drill
* Paint, optional

1. If you’re in the mood, paint or stain your drawers, line the insides with pretty paper, and re-attach knobs or pulls to the drawer faces.

Painted with two coats of Valspar Love Junkie, two coats black glaze, and one coat polycrylic.


2. For drawers with bottoms made of real wood, attach the wheels to the underside of the drawer by drilling wood screws into each hole on the caster wheel, making sure screws do not poke through the bottom.


3. For drawers with bottoms made of thin particle board, flimsy wood, or any other manufactured material–like the one pictured above– attach the wheels to the underside of the drawers by a inserting a machine screw into the bottom of the drawer, through each caster wheel hole, and threading a nut on the opposite side until it tightens completely (as pictured below).




The inside of the drawer.

Since machine screws are flat and are not made to puncture through wood, use a drill bit roughly the same size as the holes in the caster wheel attachment to pre-drill holes for the machine screws.


Enjoy you new, easy-to-access, storage space!


Until next month,



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