DIY Refinished Laminate Dresser


I somehow inherited an old laminate dresser that I really had no need for. So when I found out a friend was preggo I knew it would be perfect for her little one’s room. All I had to do was make it pretty.

I had painted laminate furniture before, but I always used Zinnser water based primer. This time I was covering up a dark stain on a really rough piece of laminate furniture so I decided to go with the oil based primer. I was excited to see the difference between the two!

What were those differences? Well the oil based primer definitely covered better and dried faster. But it was messy. and sticky. and messy. Did I mention it was messy? The water based primer definitely goes on like a paint, but the oil based is, obviously, oil based.

Let’s get to how I made this thing go from a rough piece of old laminate furniture into a bright and happy princess blue dresser, perfect for a nursery!

FullSizeRender (3)

Step 1. Just because we don’t have to sand doesn’t mean there isn’t any prep needed. Make sure your piece is clean and smooth. Refill any nicks, pull out any weird nails, take the hardware off, and then wipe it all down with a clean rag.

Step 2. Now it’s time to prime! It’s really important to use a sponge roller so there are limited brush strokes visible.

Step 3. I always like to let the primer set for a bit – so I wait 24 hours before painting. If you use water based Zinsser primer, you should wait about a week per the instructions. I have waited, but there are pieces I haven’t waited and I can’t really tell the difference. But better safe than sorry. Either way once it’s all set, use another sponge roller to put on 2 coats of paint.

Step 3. Once the paint is fully dry, it’s time to seal it up. I like to put two coats on for a small shine, and good protection. If you want more shine you can put more coats on! If you get it too shiny, no worries, just use a high grit sandpaper once it’s finally cured.

Step 4. Put your hardware back on, and you’re all done!

FullSizeRender (1)

That paint color is Valspar Princess Blue! and I think it’s my new favorite color!

Have you ever painted laminate furniture?

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  1. Gorgeous! Love that color so much.