DIY Personalized Travel Chalkboard

Hi My Crafty Spot readers!  I am Jennifer, and I blog over at  I thought I would introduce myself since I’ll be a regular contributor, and share a fun project I worked on just for you!


These personalized travel chalkboards are a perfect craft and gift for the little ones.  They are easy to make, and a ton of fun when you are finished! You can easily take these traveling with the carry handle, and they would be perfect for a long car or plane ride.


I have a list of supplies, and a ton of pictures along the way so you can follow this easily.  Let’s get started making our boards!



  • Travel Board (Use your coupons and get these for less than $4 each at Hobby Lobby, or while on sale for ½ off, which is what I did)
  • Acrylic Paint (1/2 cup for green and blue, very little red for personalization)
  • Paint brushes
  • Un-sanded grout (you can find at home improvement stores)
  • Chalk and Chalk holders (I found these cool pencil holders for $0.69)

The first thing you want to do is grab your colored paint and start working with just one at a time.  Measure your ½ cup of paint with 1 tbsp of un-sanded grout and mix well.


You want to use this immediately since it will dry fast! Just use long, smooth strokes and cover your board. Then let dry.


Next, mark off your area, mix your next color, and add our second coat of paint.  Let dry.


After our paint dried, I opened up my vinyl cutting machine and made my names for each of the boards.

Apply the name to the desired area on your board, and then paint over.


Pull up your vinyl before the paint has a chance to dry.  Then allow it to sit and dry fully.


Once all of your board is dry, take out a piece of chalk and cure the board by rubbing chalk all over it.  Then take a napkin out to wipe off the excess chalk.


Grab your pencil holders, add your chalk, and you are all set and ready to create!



You are now ready to use your chalkboards!






jenn-pinkwhen-2Jennifer, is a Southern girl living in Louisiana, and is addicted to crafting. When Jennifer sees something she likes, she has a crazy need to try and make it. With her blog, PinkWhen, Jennifer gets to share all of her addictions of DIY, crafting, upcycling, recipes, healthy living, and more.

Twitter: @Pinkwhen


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