DIY Painted Mug Tutorial

DIY Painted Mugs-Cover Shot


Hi there! I have a very fun and simple craft for you today! I have been seeing tons of Sharpie painted cups on Pinterest. Although this seems like a pretty neat way to create a personalized mug, I have often heard that the marker fades after a few washings.

So I have a different way to get the same effect without fading! All you will need is a porcelain mug and a DecoArt glass paint pen. I found my mugs at World Market and My pen was purchased at Michael’s. Everything was on sale or I had a coupon. 🙂

DIY Painted Mugs-Supplies Needed

The first step is to remove any stickers and clean your cups thoroughly. You also might want to keep some paper towels and rubbing alcohol close by. They are great for erasing mistakes.

Now it’s time for the fun part…designing. I had a few cute quotes that I wanted to say, but you can do anything you want. You could add your initials, draw a picture, etc. And don’t worry, if you don’t like your design…just go to the sink and wash it away. You will once again have a clean mug to work with. Trust me, I did this about 100 times!

Once you like your design, let it air cure for approximately 8 hours. I let mine set overnight. Then it’s time to bake your beauties. Put your mugs on a baking sheet and place in your oven cold.

DIY Painted Mugs-Oven Prep

Then bake them at 375 degrees for 40 minutes. Allow them to cool with the oven door open. Your stylish mugs are now ready for use! 🙂

I now have a favorite morning coffee mug…

DIY Painted Mugs-Coffee Break

and a great evening tea cup, as well. 🙂

DIY Painted Mugs-Tea Time

These customized mugs would make a great Birthday present or even a fantastic Christmas gift. So grab you paint markers and get creating! 🙂

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  1. Cheryl Otto Cunningham says:

    Hi ~ This may not be the right place to post this comment. If I need to post this elsewhere please let me know. Thus~
    I desperately want to change an ugly mustard colored purse to a bright, happy blue. I’ve searched the internet and haven’t found any consistent answers. (I want to match a lovely pair of flats.) It’s a Miche purse and is a good quality purse. If anyone has tried this I’m guessing you have an answer and a tutorial.
    So, for now here is what I’m going to try:
    1) scrub up the surface so it will grip paint.
    2) prime it
    3) paint with fabric paint
    4) put on a protective overcoat.
    My problem is that this is all guesswork, and no experience. So if you have anything to share, I’d be grateful.
    Cheryl ~

  2. Tristen says:

    Is the paint pen safe to put your lips on after you bake the mug? I’m wondering cause I was planning on decorating the entire mug not just one spot.