DIY Flower Button Headband

diy flower button headband

Hello friends, it’s Cat from The Rustic Willow here today! I love that I get to come show you all a craft once a month–I feel like we’re having a once-a-month party. Do you feel that way too or is it just me? I hope it’s not just me.

Since it’s starting to feel more springy, I feel like everything should be decorated with flowers, including headbands! Aurora (my lovely model pictured above), absolutely loves to wear headbands. So, I decided to make her a cute little flower headband for spring!

diy flower button headband

Isn’t she just the cutest? Minus the little scratch on her chin from our cat… but she’s still cute nonetheless.

I’m just going to jump right into the tutorial–it’s very simple.

Here is what you need:

diy flower button headband– a plain headband
– buttons
– modge podge
– card stock
– hot glue (not pictured)

Start off by heating up your glue gun. Then, cut a circle out of the card stock (about the size that you want your flower to be). Then, glue your middle button onto the center of the circle.

diy flower button headbandI know my circle isn’t very pretty, but that’s okay because you don’t wind up seeing it in the end.

Then, hot glue the rest of your buttons on. I decided to give my flower a stem as well, but you can skip the stem if you just want a flower.

diy flower button headbandOnce the glue dries, modge podge the back to make the card stock sturdier.

diy flower button headbandOnce the modge podge is dry (about 20 mins), glue the flower to the headband. Apply a generous amount of glue in this step–I actually made a little barrier of glue around the base of the headband to make sure it stayed in place.

diy flower button headbandThen, hire a cute model (and by “hire” I mean, just tell her to come out to the porch) and take pictures of her in your new diy flower button headband.

diy flower button headbandThis is one of my favorite button projects I’ve done. I love buttons because they’re so versatile, so easy to require, and simply adorable. Do you have any DIY button projects that you love? I’d love to see them!


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Cat is a social worker and journalist with a degree in Media Arts & Design from James Madison University. She lived in New Orleans for the past two years working with the homeless population but recently relocated to Denver. In her spare time she is crafting, cooking, decorating and creating anything she can. She believes the most delicious meals and the most beautiful decorations are homemade. She loves to experiment with her recipes and crafts to provide delicious and unique meals and crafts at an affordable price. She loves to travel, soak up new cultures, photograph everything and anything, and live life outdoors.

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