DIY Date Night Jar

One thing I discovered quickly in my dating relationship with my husband was that, to my surprise, he loves hand made gifts! That has been a really fun challenge for me to make him thoughtful gifts for various occasions. Recently, I decided to make a date night jar as a fun gift for him and to stay intentional about spending time together in our marriage.

DIY Date Night Jar

With our busy schedules, having date nights can be a real challenge because we rarely have a weeknight free and we are often out of town on the weekends. Instead of just spending the evening sitting on the couch, it’s fun to have a bunch of date ideas we can pull right from!

Date Night Jar

Making a date night jar is super easy and a great way to either surprise your partner with so many fun ideas to fill your free nights! You’ll need a jar, painted popsicle sticks (or you can buy the multi-colored ones), and a marker to label them! If this is going to be a gift it’s also helpful to add a notecard to show what the jar is for and the different labels for the sticks. You can also decorate the jar in a fun and creative way! I just used some simple stickers I had lying around and tied the label on with ribbon.

I’ll be honest that making your date night jar will take probably a quarter of the time that it takes to come up with your list of date nights! So to help you out, I’m giving you your first 10! My categories were date night at home, cheap dates with little planning, and more expensive or planning required dates.

At home dates:

Concert night at home

One person cooks a special dinner, one makes dessert

Watch your wedding video or look through pictures from throughout your relationship

Cheap dates with little planning:

Pumpkin Picking (or another seasonal picking)

Mini golf

Coffee date at local coffee shop

More expensive or planning required:

Dessert at the Melting Pot

Day of Hiking

Winery Hop

What are your favorite gifts to give your partner or favorite dates to go on together?

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