Cute Outdoor Trash Can

Hello! It is Lindsay from My Creative Days here to share my cute outdoor trash can! I know, “cute” and “trash can” don’t really go together, but I promise, this time they do. 🙂

I don’t know about you, but during the spring and summer months, our family eats a lot of meals outside; from the kids taking snacks outside to grilling meals and eating on the picnic blanket. With that, comes a lot of extra trash floating around the yard during these months.

Since our regular garbage cans are on the other side of the garage, the kids “forget” to put their trash in them. This year, I am making it so easy that they can’t “forget” anymore.

I picked up this little trash can (it stands about 15″ tall) at a yard sale. I thought it would make the perfect trash can for our back yard.


To make this trash can “cute”, I painted it red.

garbage can upcycle

To make the purpose of this little can more obvious to everybody, I screwed a small chalkboard on the outside and wrote “trash” with a white permanent marker.


Now, there is no question where the trash goes at the end of a meal, snack or S’more making session.


We used this trash can the other night when we camped in our back yard and had S’mores. The kids and Hubby loved it and all the trash ended up in the can! Mission accomplished!

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Lindsay is mom to Landen and Gabrielle, wife to Matt and blogger at My Creative Ways. She loves to be creative in her day, her home and with her kids. She is obsessed with old wood, rusty treasures and everything in between. Finding frugal and creative ways to decorate her home, create a fabulous craft or activity with her kids is a passion of hers. She is new to the blogging world and is having a lot of fun sharing her projects and ideas. She loves to read comments from readers who have found inspiration from visiting her site. Come by and check out what she is creating today!

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  1. What a cute idea, love that you gave this a whole new look. Great job!