Personalized Bakeware

Is it wedding season where you live?  About this same time each year, we receive several wedding invitations.  I always want to go and support the bride and groom and their families, but sometimes, I just don’t have a lot to spend on a gift.  Are you in the same boat?  Well this personalized bakeware is the perfect wedding gift!  It is easy to do and doesn’t cost a lot of money.

Bakeware 1

The first thing you will need to make one of these is a glass baking dish.  You can buy these for $10 or less at Target, Walmart, or anywhere you can buy baking supplies.  Maybe they have even registered for one!

Bakeware 2

Using my cutting machine and vinyl, I cut out the last name of the soon to be bride and groom.  I actually cut a mirrored image of the name.  I will show you why in a minute.  I placed my vinyl stencil on the bottom of the baking pan.  If you don’t have vinyl and a cutting machine, I have done the same thing with contact paper and an exacto knife.  It works just as well.

Bakeware 3

The reason I cut a mirrored image is so that the name reads correctly when you are looking at the top of the pan.

Bakeware 4

You will need to buy some glass etching cream.  I’m not familiar with brand names, I just picked one at the craft store.

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Party Decor – Brown Bottle Hanging Bouquets

unnamed 5


There is no hiding from my love of fresh cut blooms.  I also am guilty of loving a sensible glass jar, albeit recycled, to display such blooms.   So, imagine my joy when I though “yes, recycled brown bottles with blooms in them I say! I say thou shalt hang them too, with rustic brown twine, and they shall hang and swoon with the breath of the wind, bringing beauty unto thine sight and charm to thine party and much praise from thine brethren and friends.”  Okay sorry, little tangent there.  But seriously, this is a great craft and so easy and so lovely, you simply must have a moment and hang them about and bask in their gentle whimsy.

unnamed 6

What I love about this craft, for me personally is that I did it completely for free.   I dug through my recycling for some stunning brown bottles and even “took one for the team”, as it were, and drank the last lonely left-over Guinness from St. Patties day for the final bottle.  Then I raided my yard and lawn.  I used a blooming twig from the flowering plum tree, the almost fragrant pearls of the lilac out back, the snow drops that somehow pop up around the meter reader off the back porch and even a few weeds and dandelions from beyond the fence to finish it off.  Suffice it to say, everything looks perfectly classy in a brown bottle.

unnamed 2

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DIY Rustic Photo Collage Frame

When I got married, I knew I wanted to have a hand in making some of the “props” for the wedding. One thing I really wanted to make was a seating chart. After some searching, I came up with the idea to utilize a frame and hang paint chips with names written on them as the seating chart. Here is an in action photo from our wedding of the final result.

What I loved about this frame was that after the wedding I was able to reuse it afterwards. So I wanted to teach you all how to make a DIY photo collage frame of your own. This is such a versatile decor piece in your home that you can change out as often as you like or leave up for months at a time.

Surprisingly, this is a really easy craft to make. You’ll need:

  • -A frame (look out for sales on backless frames!)
  • -Short nails
  • -Thick wire (20 gauge or thicker) like this
  • -Needlenose Plyers/Wire Cutters
  • -Hammer
  • -Photos/memorabilia
  • -Mini Binder Clips like these (or another way to hang things on wire)

Start by getting your frame ready. If necessary, paint and sand frame. I wanted to go for a distressed look, so I took a piece of sand paper and lighted sanded the edges to allow the natural wood to show through.

You may want to get your frame ready to hang as well (if there are no saw tooth hangers attached already). When I first used this for the wedding, I spaced out each row an inch a part. But for the house, I wanted there to be enough space in between to hang vertical pictures as well as horizontal. So there is about 3 inches between rows. I would recommend measuring out the distance you’d like your rows to be apart, starting with an inch from the top of the frame.

Next take the raw end of your wire and wrap the end tightly around the nail towards the head. Then use the hammer to nail into the board, even with your measurement. Repeat on opposite side and with other rows.