Easy Canvas Art

I’m all about easy and I find crafting therapeutic so I love an easy project where I can create something pretty and also feel soothed at that the same time. For this project, you will need a canvas of your choosing (or burlap if you’d prefer), scrapbook paper of your choice, mod podge, sticker letters of your choosing (I was fortunate enough to find a great script), paint of your choice, and a paint brush.canvas [Read more…]

DIY Fancy Storage Box

fancystorageboxesI like to pretend that I am organized. Or maybe it is just that I have high hopes to be organized. Someday, I will get there. All that to say, one of my happy places is the Container Store. It just holds so much potential–as if within that store and all its fancy boxes and contraptions my life and all its mess could be contained. Here is the thing though: I will always love the Container Store and it will always be my happy place but I can make my own fancy boxes and so can you. Here is what you will need:

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