Flags for Your Champagne Toast

howtomakepopAs if a champagne toast could be any more special, why not do it up for New Year’s Eve? This project was not only extremely easy but I had everything I needed and did not have to purchase anything (I call that #winning). If your plans are low key, this will be a special touch. If you are doing something fancy, these will match the occasion.

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Pressed Flowers {Framed}


Yesterday, Memorial Day, was a bit difficult. It was our first without my papa, a WWII vet, but my mom has worked hard to make sure we have every keepsake from. All the grandkids have every medal he earned. We also have flowers she pressed from his funeral. This craft can be done for any event, really–be it Mother’s Day or a first birthday or even if you are out walking and you find some beautiful flowers. It has just been on my mind because of my papa and because these flowers are displayed at eyesight from my bed. [Read more…]

DIY Jewelry Organization


I feel as if I am constantly trying to find ways to organize my jewelry. Everything gets tangled or worst, lost. I don’t have room to lay it all out like some Hollywood closets allow. I saw many of these and finally decided that with an interesting frame, some screen or chicken wire, some hooks, knobs and spray paint, I could make it work. And so can you.

First, find that interesting frame that fits where you’d like to hang it–the bigger the better. Then adhere the screen or chicken wire (depending on your preference–chicken wire has larger holes) with a staple gun. It’s the easiest way but you may be able to get a stapler to work. You can find the hooks at an office supply store and the knobs at Home Depot or if you want something fun, try Anthro.

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Personalized Wrapping Paper.

craftyspotI live in a studio apartment so I don’t have a lot of room for a ton of wrapping paper and accessories. I’ve also learned that a personalized touch to anything, especially gifts, always means a lot (you can read more about this and this specific gift here at my blog, Flowers in my Hair).

For this project you will need, brown wrapping paper and glitter pens. You can use glitter and glue but that’s a messy situation. Also, I just have to say no one does glitter like Martha Stewart. Once you go Martha Stewart glitter, you never go back.

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