How to Build a Bathtub Caddy


How to build a bathtub caddy | Home Coming for

Hello My Crafty friends! It’s Kayla from Home Coming, here to share another great tutorial. This time I brought along Carpenter/Husband Justin to help out.

I feel like all we ever talk about over on Home Coming is our Master Suite remodel, probably because it’s consumed the last seven months of our lives. But now we’re officially done and can start focusing on other (but still related) things. So today, we’re here to show you this handy-dandy Bathtub Caddy that Justin build for me to enjoy in our brand new master bathroom.

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DIY Tribal Hanger

Hi friends. It’s Kayla back from Home Coming!

This month’s DIY project is inspired by my favorite beach bag of the season that I picked up at the beginning of the summer season (which you’ll see soon). I’m a BIG fan of tribal print from my clothes to accessories, and now I’m incorporating it into my closet with a set of DIY Tribal Hangers!

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DIY Stenciled Doormat

Hello again My Crafty friends! It’s Kayla back from Home Coming here to share my latest DIY project.

We’re slowly in the process of giving our front porch a makeover, and a cute, new doormat is one of those projects that’s simple to cross off my list – much easier than Replace the Front Door & Trim or Build Adirondack Chairs!

How to Stencil a Doormat | Home Coming for

This was a pretty simple project, but it did take me a good few hours to complete since I opted for paint and a paintbrush vs. spray paint.

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DIY Contemporary Wall Painting

Hi everyone! I’m Kayla, a new contributor here from Home Coming. I’m so excited to be here today to share my latest art project with you!

DIY Contemporary Wall Painting | Home Coming for

We’ve recently just finished up our Master Suite Remodel, so I’m excited to finally start talking about other things! But with how amazing our second floor Master Suite looks, I felt like I needed a dining room refresh to really make the home feel a bit more cohesive. I have plans for some new dining room chairs and a stair runner, but those will likely take me some time to make design decisions. One thing that was really simple to give the space a quick refresh however, was the artwork.

While I enjoyed how our dining room looked prior, it needed a little excitement. Here’s a before photo.

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