Petal Power Garden Sign

Petal Power Garden Sign for Junk Tricycle

I love whimsy in the garden, and when a friend offered me this little rusty tricycle, I knew she would look perfect in my herb garden.  Hi, I’m Karen Creel, and if you follow my blog,, you know I love gardening and junking.  But, this little tricycle needed something to jazz it up a bit,  so I went hunting through my finds for wood to make a sign.  A petal power garden sign was what it needed. [Read more…]

Junk Market Crafts


Craft Supplies for Junk Market Crafts

I love going to flea markets and antique stores. My eye is always drawn to the rusty junk that I can use for creating junk market crafts.  Hi, I’m Karen and I blog at Gardenchick, where you  can see many of my creations, as well as great gardening tips, and ideas for a more self reliant lifestyle.

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