DIY Bunny Spring Sign

DIY Bunny Silhouette Spring Sign

Spring is here, finally! I actually went outside today with a short-sleeved shirt on: It was amazing! I hope that this weather keeps up, but I heard a little rumor that it will be getting colder again before it gets warm for a while. I hope that isn’t a case, I’m a summer girl through and through. Enough with these boots and gloves, give me some flip flops and bathing suits!

It’s Cat, from The Rustic Willow again, by the way. Today I’m sharing an adorable spring project with you! I decided it was time to take my Valentine’s Day decorations down and start decorating for spring. That’s when this little sign was born.

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DIY Candy Corn String Art

DIY Candy Corn String Art

Hi all! It’s Cat from The Rustic Willow here stopping by for my monthly tutorial! I’m so excited about today’s project because it’s finally fall. Which means I can acceptably wear boots, eat pumpkin-spiced everything, and decorate with fall decor.

One of the first fall decor pieces I made this year was this DIY Candy Corn string art. I’m an avid string artist, and I love to always do at least one string art that reflects the season. I wanted to to an adorable candy corn one for this fall, and I love how it came out!

Don’t be intimidated if you’ve never done string art before, I’m going to walk you threw it. Just remember though, string art can either be extremely tedious or extremely relaxing. Take some time to enjoy yourself and make it relaxing!

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Wood Round Towel Holder

Wood Round Towel HolderHi everyone! It’s Cat from The Rustic Willow here to do my monthly DIY project with you. I love being able to share new projects with you, and the one I’m sharing today is one of my favorites! We recently decided to re-do our downstairs bathroom in a natural wood theme. I wanted to incorporate that theme into the towel holder as well. Then, my boyfriend came up with the idea for this Wood Round Towel Holder.

This towel holder adds so much to our bathroom, and we’ve gotten a ton of compliments on it! The best part about it is that it’s insanely easy to make, but adds a beautiful rustic charm.

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DIY Family Movie Night Kit

Family Movie Night KitWe’re always looking for fun ideas to do as a family in our house–as I’m sure is the case in most houses. This DIY Family Movie Night Kit I put together to surprise my family with was one of those fun ideas that was a blast and a big hit with the kids!

The idea is simple: Get a brown grocery bag and fill it with all of the ingredients needed for a movie night (two-three movie options from Red Box, one bag of popcorn, and wrapped candy), and let them unwrap it! It’s like a party in a bag.

I chose about seven types of candy and wrapped individual serving sizes so that we all got a choice of what candy we wanted (there’s five of us), and we had two options left over just in case some options weren’t favored.

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