Welcome Fall Wreath Tutorial


Because Starbucks is releasing the beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte this week, my mind has been on the transition into fall. It’s still rounding 90 degrees daily here, but the air is slowly starting to feel crisper at night. Rather than be in denial, I decided to embrace fall this year, but to ease into it.


Cue this “welcome fall” wreath. This is a little bit of a play on words, but with the welcome sign and the fall colors, I figured this was a perfect name for this little wreath. I love having a branch wreath like this around the house for when I get a burst of inspiration for a new wreath!



I also love crafts that don’t cost a ton of money. Because I had this wreath laying around (it was actually on my door already with some burlap wrapped around it), this entire project cost me less than $15. The pack of fabric was $9.99 and I’ll be able to use it for other projects because I used very little. The welcome chipboard was $2.99. I had the hemp rope, paint and glue gun on hand already.



I had never done bunting before and was really excited to try it. The easiest way to do it is to cut out your triangles, line them up on the opposite side from what you want to see, lay the string across it and glue over each individual triangle, then fold the fabric over the string to secure.



After painting my welcome sign and getting my bunting complete, all I had to do was attach the strings to wreath. For my welcome sign I glued the strings onto the outside letters– be generous with the hot glue! I just wrapped the strings around the wreath enough times so that the bunting and welcome sign were secure.



And you’re set! Display your fall wreath and dream of pumpkin spice lattes and apple pies. Unless you’re in 90% of the country where it’s still 90+ degrees, and then you can be like me and let this be a soft intro into fall. I’m a bit in denial about fall most years (I’m a summer gal for sure!) so this is helping me ease in!



What are your favorite fall projects?


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  1. Love it, Madison! I am excited for Fall … Just not what comes after Fall!!

  2. Madison, this is so cute! I love the bunting and the bright yellow you choose for the welcome sign.