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If you plant one thing this year, let it be herbs.   They nurture the soul, titillate the senses, aren’t bad to look at, and fresh snips of them make every meal…well, better. No matter where I live I manage to plant some and I have lived in some difficult situations, to put it lightly. So I can help make your herb dreams come true.


If you are in a tiny apartment, place a few in a flowerpot on your table. If you have a staircase outside that apartment, you’re one step up, (oh yes that pun is intended) so place a larger pot out front and let it grow.   If you have a yard, throw those herbs anywhere. Mint looks stunning among your annuals, rosemary poses as a shrub with a spicy secret, basil should just be planted EVERYWHERE. I mean hello, the more basil the more pesto, so yea, don’t skimp on that.


My current situation has a sweet little yard with deadly, albeit adorable, secret killers; deer. Oh yes, sure, they are cute and soIMG_4654nostalgic with their Bambi-like looks, bringing a sort of birds-chirping-Gioacchino-Rossini’s-William-Tell-Overture-vibe to the whole neighborhood but don’t buy into it!! Let me tell you, they eat the hell out of your garden. Seriously, they eat everything. Like my first year in the Rogue Valley I planted some tulips, I know rookie mistake. I was just loving them and loving my gardening and loving my little life in the Rogue Valley and the birds were chirping gosh darn it. Then I came home from work one day to see every last tulip I had planted gone, simply topped off like someone had come by with a weed whacker or a pair of shears and taken off their heads. Tragic. This was followed by them eating everything else in my garden, my tomatoes were devoured down to a thumb, my basil; gone. My parsley they declared delicious…obviously. The dill didn’t stand a chance. The watermelon starters, gone before they even bloomed. The list goes on and on.






So this year I got smart and decided to make a Vertical Herb Garden. What I love the most about it is, I can slip off a bucket and take it into the kitchen, this way I never cut too much or not enough for what I am cooking up. Also, this garden can be moved and would even look great inside a kitchen. I am in love I tell you and even when the deer aren’t a problem, I don’t think that I will ever go back to planting my herbs in the ground.


You will need

  • Wood lattice
  • Buckets and pails
  • S hooksIMG_4656
  • Potting soil
  • Herbs


How to

Plant your herbs in selected buckets

Hang with S hooks to the lattice

Water, snip, cook, enjoy!


Happy Planting!

Marcella Rose


IMG_4617  IMG_4642 IMG_4650   IMG_4681

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  1. This is such a great use of space. I’m trying to maximize the little bit of room I have for gardening. Love this idea – pinned it!