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Hey y’all! It’s Madison from The Wetherills Say I Do again. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to hang out with you guys so I’m excited to be here!

Does anyone remember the movie Up? I know it’s been a while since it came out but it is seriously one of my all-time-favorite Disney movies! One of our good friends had a two year old around the time that the movie came out and she would quote the part where Ellie says “Adventure is out there!” Except she was two so it came out as “A-denture is out there!” My husband and I quote that all the time!


Adventure is an intriguing idea for more people of any age! I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to inspiring me to travel and have adventures! I’ve always loved the idea of eventually getting to travel around all 50 states of our beautiful country.



So I decided I needed a way to visualize where I have been around the country. And so my adventure board was born! So far it’s looking pretty bare, but I am only including places that my husband and I have traveled to together.



Here’s how you can make one, too! It’s a great way to teach kiddos about geography of our country as well as encourage kids and adults to be explorers!

You’ll need:

Roll of cork (size depends on what size map you want to make!)

Print out of USA

Exacto Blade

Cutting Mat



*I also used a square cork board as a backing for the map, but that’s optional



Tape your map to the corn board (or use pins to secure) and cut out carefully with an exacto blade.



Then you want to create the outlines for each state. My husband came up with the great idea to cut out each state and pin it separately so I could trace the borders between states. I was originally going to just eye ball the borders but that was not working for me!

After tracing the borders of the states, I outlined the entire map and went over any lines that needed cleaning up. Then I spray painted my square cork board and used hot glue to glue the map onto the board.



So far our states are Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Tennessee, Missouri, North Carolina, Virginia and Florida! What states would you have pinned on your map? Have you made an adventure map before?

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Madison is a graphic designer by career but spends her weekends cooking, crafting and doing freelance design and photography. She gets her creative side from her mom, who taught Madison to scrapbook growing up. She loves using her Pinterest inspired crafts to make her house more of a home! She has a passion for photography and travel and her biggest fans are her husband, Steven, and her puppy, Azi. Her blog is a way of sharing all aspects of life, but started out as a way of documenting newlywed lessons learned.

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  1. Such a cute idea! Love it!!

  2. That turned out really cool! We have our own version of one of these maps, mine is made out of fabric stretched over a corkboard. It’s good for keeping records!

  3. What a fantastic project! I absolutely love this. Up is a great movie (though a little hard to watch because it reminds me soooo much of my grandpa). I’m making one of these asap. Thanks so much for sharing at the first Project Parade. I’ll be featuring you at tonight’s party.