Umbrella Wreath – Full of Blooms

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The weather is starting to change; you can feel it in your bones.  You can hear it as the migratory birds start to return, filling the sky with their birdsong.  You start to see your fall bulbs push through the earth, bringing a bright array of colors to your still-winter stark yard, enticing a smile to spread across your face.  Maybe it’s still cold and gloomy six days a week but that one day, that the sun comes out and shines on your white winter skin, brings you a feeling you can’t quite describe.  Perhaps it’s hope or excitement; maybe it’s just the increase in vitamin D.  Whatever it is, you know that spring is on the way and with the long dark winter you have had this year, you couldn’t be more excited to help usher it in.

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To help bring it closer I have a fantastic craft idea:  an Umbrella Wreath – Full of Blooms!  I wish I had seen this sweet idea when I lived in an apartment.  I always longed for spring bulbs.  With this craft you can bring the spring inside!  I also love how simple this craft is and it can be done quickly with supplies that are easy to get.  You can hang it on your front door or inside if it’s still a bit too cold in your neck of the woods.  No matter where it hangs, it will certainly escort spring into your life with vibrancy and enthusiasm.

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You will need

  • Spring flowers
  • Plastic bags
  • String
  • Water
  • Umbrella

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How To 

  1. Divide bunches of flowers into several plastic bags
  2. Fill with water and tie off tightly with string
  3. Arrange bags of blooms in the umbrella
  4. Tie off top of umbrella with a large ribbon
  5. Hang umbrella by its hook

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Here’s to blooms and birdsong; sun, rain and all things Spring.

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