Tin Can Cork Vases

Hi there!  Katie from View From The Fridge back today with a quick and easy craft … Tin Can Cork Vases!

Tin Can Cork Vases  |  View From The Fridge


This whole craft started when we decided to try out a new Chili recipe the other weekend, and I was left with these HUGE empty bean cans:

Tin Can Cork Vases  |  View From The Fridge

GIGANTIC cans of beans!!

I have a problem … I find it very hard to get rid of containers.  We have several bags full of glass jars, tin cans, baby food jars, etc.  You know … “just in case”.  I kinda feel like I’m starting to become like my Grandma (who saved everything … bread bags, egg cartons, milk jugs).  Well, I’m happy to report that these enormous tin cans didn’t even make it to the ‘container bag’ in the closet.  I already had a plan (and supplies on hand) for these guys!  Enter … Cork Wrapped (and painted) Tin Can Vases!

Planning on making chili later this fall?  Want to reuse those bean cans?  Here’s how:


Here’s what you’ll need:

Tin Can Vases Supplies

Tin Can Vases Supplies

  1.  Tin Cans (any size, but mine are the large kind)
  2. Roll of cork (get it at any craft store or I’ve even seen it at Target)
  3. Spray Adhesive
  4. Painters Tape / Frog Tape.  I used the regular ‘straight’ kind and the wavy ‘Shape Tape’ that was on clearance at Home Depot ($13 marked down to $0.50 … total bargain!).
  5. Paint and brush



And here’s how easy it is:

Tin Can Cork Vases  |  View From The Fridge


  1. Remove labels from cans.  You don’t need to worry too much about getting all the sticky residue off … you’re just going to cover it with cork in a minute
  2. Take two measurements of your cans:
    1. Around the outside (circumference)  … mine cans were 10.5″ around.
    2. The height from top to bottom … mine were 9″ tall.
  3. Cut rectangles out of your cork in these dimensions.  For mine, I cut rectangles measuring 10.5″ x 9″.
  4. Spray your can all the way around with Spray Adhesive (I recommend doing this outside!), then stick on your cork, pressing it down firmly all around.
  5. Tape off your stripes (or any design you choose)
  6. I also taped off the wavy pattern.
  7. Brush on your paint and let dry.
  8. Remove tape, add flowers, and display!!

Tin Can Cork Vases  |  View From The Fridge


The tape lines with the regular frog tape were pretty clean.  With the ‘Shape Tape’ (curvy tape), the paint bled a little underneath, but not too bad (could have been partly ‘operator error’ on my part when I was sticking it down).



Tin Can Cork Vases  |  View From The Fridge


Tin Can Cork Vases  |  View From The Fridge


Thanks for having me here today!  I’ll be back again next month, but in the meantime I’d love for you to stop over and say ‘hi’ over on View From The Fridge!

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  1. These are super cute! I have pinned as a good reminder to do them! Thanks for the idea!

  2. I had no idea that cork rolls exist, this opens a whole new world of possibilities. Awesome. Love the color choice! I’m featuring this on That’s Fresh Friday this weekend. 🙂