The “Lots of Luck for Under $10 Bucks” Wreath

Hi there all my craft loving friends! St. Patrick’s Day is on Monday and I thought you might like a quick and easy craft to add some festive touches to your home.

If you have about 30 minutes and $10 bucks, this wreath can be yours!

All you will need to make this is a vine wreath, some foam shamrocks, colorful ribbon and a glue gun.

First I laid out a pattern of shamrocks on my wreath, just to give myself a visual.Then I grabbed my glue gun and started actually gluing them on.

I worked my way around the whole wreath and then used my chevron ribbon to tie a bow on top. I think for a few bucks and a few minutes of my time, this wreath turned out pretty cute!

Here’s the breakdown of my $10 wreath..

Wreath was 3.99 at 40% off: $2.39

Styrofoam shamrocks (2) for $1 each: $2

Ribbon $7.99 at 50% off: $3.99

 Final Total: $8.38

You may have noticed the wreath actually cost me less than $10. I went ahead with ten dollars in the title because I figured prices could vary and I liked the way ten bucks read. 🙂 If you are really “lucky”, you may even be able to make it even cheaper than me!

 Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!


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