The Family Jar {Including Free Printable Labels}

Family Jar Free Printable Labels My Crafty Spot

Recently I entered some mason jar labels into the World Label Mason Jar Competition. The grande prize is a new macbook and if you saw the state of my current macbook you would be rooting for me BIG TIME. I got this fabulous Family Jar concept from my cousin Lani, scroll down to read about her son Dean and the Worry Jar. After entering these labels into the competition I decided I should share them on My Crafty Spot! I think they turned out really beautiful and I felt it would be great to use them for other things so a blank version is also available for download {links below}. For these family jar labels you simply print them out and put them on a few different mason jars for family use around the house.

Family Jar Free Printable Labels My Crafty Spot

Months ago my cousin {Artist Lani Woods} had mentioned to me that she was making “worry boxes” for her kids. Her son worries a lot… he had some health issues in the past and Lani feels it might stem from that. They decided it would be fun and therapeutic to make these boxes and Lani came up with the slogan (or maybe she got it from pinterest) “put your worry here and make it disappear”, isn’t that cute? So they spent a day making these boxes and whenever her kids, Dean and Alexis, have a worry they simply write it down and put it in their box.

It is great to give kids a  writing outlet and a place where they can express their emotions in a constructive way so I thought that a discussion jar might be a good idea to have around the house. With summer coming up and kids being at home during the day this might be a good time to start using this. Have your kids write down things that are bothering them throughout the day and at night around the dinner table you can pull the notes out and talk about them. It is helpful for everyone (including parent who might have been at work during the day) to be a part of the discussion and your child might be calmer and more receptive to discussing when you are sitting down at dinner.

Family Jar Free Printable Labels My Crafty Spot

Another idea I got from one of my favorite bloggers Crafts by Courtney, she did a blog post titled Mason Jar Blessings during the christmas holiday that I LOVED, so I decided to make a blessing jar. You can do this just around the holidays or all year long. Throughout the week have your kids write down what they are thankful for (and parents should do it as well!), maybe everyone write one per night. Then at the end of the week during a special family dinner you can read them out loud. It would be fun to hold onto these as keepsakes and look back on them once your kids are older.


Family Jar-Oval-All Options

Family Jar-Oval-Blank


FAMILY Jar-Circle-All Options


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Judges for the World Label Mason Jar Competition include Kim from Everything Etsy |  Kim from Today’s Creative Blog | Jen from Tatertots and Jello | Cyndy from Everything Etsy


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  1. These are so precious Sonnet. You did a fabulous job designing them. And thanks for sharing the printables!