Thanksgiving Napkin Rings DIY

I have never in my life hosted Thanksgiving dinner.  In all honesty, I’m terrified to cook a turkey and have it not come out right.  And with my luck in the kitchen, that is a real possibility.  But, I am trying to overcome that fear so that one day (in the very far future) I can host my very own Thanksgiving dinner.

Because I’m a planner, and because I feel like I need to do at least one Thanksgiving craft this year, I decided to make themed napkin rings and put them away for any future holiday dinner I may host! I don’t know why I’ve never attempted to make these before because they are so easy and give such a nice personal touch to a holiday table.  If you have kids you can even get them involved in picking out the materials to use for this project!  Fun for the whole family, am I right?

Thanksgiving Napkin Ring

This project cost me nothing and was so easy to make!  Here’s how to do it.


  • Gather acorns in various sizes
  • Ribbon
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Twine
  • hot glue
  • double sided tape
  • cloth napkin

Fold the napkin like an accordion.  You could probably fold your napkin any way you want for this, but an accordion reminds me of a turkey.  So…that’s what I went with.

Wrap your twine around the base of the napkin and tie it tightly in the back.  I wanted a nice thick ring so I wrapped it about 10 times.  It’s all personal preference though!

Attach the acorns to the twine using hot glue.

Grab a few pieces of Fall themed scrapbook paper and make a name tag.  I looped another piece of twine underneath the twine ring then hole punched the tag to attach it to the napkin.

Thanksgiving Napkin Ring

Make a small bow using your ribbon and then use hot glue to attach it to your name tag.

Thanksgiving Napkin Ring

And there you go!  What an easy way to bring a bit of homemade goodness to your Thanksgiving table.

Do you like giving personal homemade touches to your table during the holidays?

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