Easy Felt Valentine Envelopes

Valentine’s Day has become one of my favorite holidays recently. It’s hard to hate a holiday that’s all about love! This year I’ve been having a lot of fun decorating and doing crafts around the holiday.

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DIY Felt Valentine’s Ornaments

Sometimes a girls gotta create! Thank goodness for preschool. It’s three whole hours of kid free bliss when I get to do my favorite thing: roam craft stores for inspiration!

Here’s the latest product of my last craft store visit: DIY Felt Valentine’s Ornaments!

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Valentine’s Day Garland

I have never been one to decorate for Valentine’s day.  It’s not my favorite holiday by any means, but this year I have decided that I want to decorate for it anyway.  Maybe it’s because the house feels so empty now that the Christmas decorations or gone, or maybe I’ve just been bit by the decoration bug.  Whatever the reason I’m going for it, and I have officially made my very first decoration for the holiday!

Valentine's Day Garland

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DIY Wood Slice Candle Centerpiece

Hello, My Crafty Spot readers! I hope your new year is off to a good start! It is Lindsay from My Creative Days here to share with you an easy DIY Wood Slice Candle Centerpiece.

Every year, on Valentine’s Day, our family has dessert for dinner! Fun, right?! We started this when our kids were little and they still love it and look forward to it every year. Now, I know some of you are saying dessert for dinner? EEK! I do add a lot of fruit to the dinner and we have smoothies that I add a lot of nutritional stuff to so it isn’t all bad.

We always have a candle on the table to make the dinner even more special, but this year, I wanted to make an even bigger statement with a centerpiece for our candles.

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