DIY Lucky Sign

DIY Lucky Sign

Hello My Crafty Spot readers! It is Lindsay from My Creative Days here to share a DIY project to help celebrate St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow.

I am someone who loves to see the potential in almost everything. I keep stacks of old wood, miscellaneous metal pieces and odds and ends from all of my projects because I know I can reuse them for something else. This sign is a great example of that. I had a left over horseshoe in our garage and some old, wood boards that I wanted to bring together for a sign on St. Patrick’s Day.

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Easy DIY St. Patrick’s Day Wreath


Easy DIY St. Patrick's Day Wreath

Yep.  I know.  We just got through Valentine’s Day and now I’m bombarding you with St. Patrick’s Day decor!  Well … I’m sorry.  I can’t help it.  So humor me here …

It’s Katie from View From The Fridge and if you’re looking for some fresh door decor for the next month (yep … exactly one month ’til St. Paddy’s), I’ve got a quick and easy tutorial for you today:

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St. Patrick’s Day Sign

Processed with Moldiv

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, I thought I’d drop by from justmommatters to share an easy, holiday-themed craft this month.

Finished in about a day’s time, this unique St. Pat’s sign meets all my crafting criteria: easy, cheap, and fun. And as an added bonus, the idea for the project developed as I randomly came across the materials over a couple of days, making it even more satisfying to complete.

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St. Patrick’s Day Goodie Bags


When I was in elementary school, I remember having a blast celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.  The teachers would take us on a hunt for the leprechaun throughout the school, and we’d follow his little green footprints until we found his pot of gold.  Then we’d all get to go back to our classrooms and color while eating the delicious chocolate he had left for us.

As I got older I had a lot of fun walking through the halls and watching the younger children go on that hunt.  You’d always hear squeals of delight when they found the goodies and then see them happily chatting as they made their way back to the classroom.  Watching that made me miss Kindergarden, but it also really made me crave chocolate.  Too bad our teachers were a little more strict with the sweets once we got older!

I don’t know what made me think of that story, but remembering it did give me a fun idea for a St. Patrick’s Day craft!  And, I was able to use my brand new silhouette portrait to make it so I was pretty excited to get started.  So, if you have a sweet tooth like I do and love some chocolate I hope you’ll enjoy this easy St. Patrick’s Day treat!

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