Shabby Chic Upcycled Bread Pan

Do you ever find something for free {or nearly free} and determine right then and there that you just MUST give it new life?!?  Like you were meant to find it and turn it into something else.  Something fun and just kinda fabulous in its own way?  Well … meet my old crusty bread loaf pan turned shabby chic planter:

Shabby Chic Upcycled Bread Loaf Pan to Planter!

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DIY Vintage Hook Rack

DIY Hook Rack

DIY Vintage Hook Rack

A place to hang your things; oh how much it means. A hook makes a room almost instantly a home. It reaches out to help and, if it is installed properly, it will never fail you. There is something about a hook that makes you just relax, you don’t worry; you have what you need hanging right there. Whether it’s your purse, your keys, your bathrobe, or that light sweater you need on these cooling summer nights, the hook is there to hold it; ready and waiting for you. The hook looks good doing it too. It loves to be useful, to be fashionable and to always be there when you need it. Really, it’s the poor girl’s butler but perhaps I just love hooks too much.

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DIY Ruffle Dishtowels

Hi everyone!  Katie here from View From The Fridge back this month with an easy way to add a little character to some plain ol’ white dishtowels.

Since adding a third little boy to our family several weeks ago, I’m all about adding a little frilly, girly flair to other areas of our home wherever I can (you know … to feel less outnumbered in a house full of boys).  Today, I’ll show you how to turn your average, ordinary white dish towels into fun, shabby chic towels that you’ll want to take out of the drawer and display!

DIY Ruffle Dishtowel  |  View From The Fridge

Cute, right?  The kind of towels you’ll want hanging on your stove or dishwasher when guests come over.  The kind of towels that add just the perfect shabby chic touch to your kitchen.  The kind of towels you’ll want your guests to notice. [Read more…]