How to Build a Bathtub Caddy


How to build a bathtub caddy | Home Coming for

Hello My Crafty friends! It’s Kayla from Home Coming, here to share another great tutorial. This time I brought along Carpenter/Husband Justin to help out.

I feel like all we ever talk about over on Home Coming is our Master Suite remodel, probably because it’s consumed the last seven months of our lives. But now we’re officially done and can start focusing on other (but still related) things. So today, we’re here to show you this handy-dandy Bathtub Caddy that Justin build for me to enjoy in our brand new master bathroom.

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DIY File Cabinet Update

DIY File Cabinet Update

Hi Crafters! It’s Erin back again this month from The Blue Eyed Dove. Chances are if you’ve ever needed a small filing cabinet for your home or office you probably purchased something that looks similar to this…

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DIY Magnetic Organizational Board

Hey there, craft lovers! I’m stopping over from JustMomMatters to share a project that’s not only simple to create, but that will simplify your life–a DIY Magnetic Organizational Board.

Long before my Chicken Wire Display project, I came up with what I thought was a solution to my lack of display space in my kitchen by making my own magnetic board. It was cheap, easy, and quick to create. For years, that little board worked as hard as it could with the small space it had available, but ever since I made the chicken wire display it has pretty much been relieved of its’ duties. It’s still functional and hangs in my kitchen, but now it just holds a couple of cute magnets.

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Since this project was so simple, it immediately came to mind when I was looking for a creative way to organize the art supplies and papers in my one of my son’s rooms. One thing to note though, it’s easier to complete if you have an extra set of hands.

What you’ll need:

Peg board
Saw horses
Spray paint
8″x8″ flashing – available at home improvement stores near the roofing materials
Liquid Nails or your favorite heavy duty adhesive
Buckets or jars
Cable ties
Wire snips
Peg board organizational kit
Scrap wood for shelves
Stain for wood (optional)

Paint your peg board. Lay the peg board on top of two sawhorses, away from anything that may be damaged from the paint overspray. Using long, sweeping motions, spray the entire surface of the peg board with paint. Allow it to dry for a few minutes between coats. It will look uneven and blotchy at first, but will even out with each additional coat of paint. Make sure it’s completely covered and let it dry for a couple of hours before moving on to the next step.

The best spray paint around.

The best spray paint around.

Glue the flashing. Lay the flashing on the newly painted peg board and squeeze enough adhesive to ensure a strong hold. Be careful not to apply adhesive too close to the edges or it may squirt out of the sides. Have a rag on hand for unexpected clean up. [Read more…]