8 Ways to Craft for Fall


Fall is quickly approaching! Whether it’s cooling off where you live or still in the 90’s, you may be feeling the itch to start crafting for fall! We have 8 super easy projects that can get you started!  [Read more…]

3D Spider Candle Holders {Tutorial}


You guys! YOU GUYS! There is black hot glue sticks, BLACK!  Oh the possibilities, the crafts, and the fun we can have with black hot glue!!!! I am guest writer Marcella Rose and I am pretty excited about this timely find since I could not be more excited for my Halloween Soirée this year.  The theme is spiders and I have been going crazy with crafts.  I love a good theme; it gives you a place to land and a place for all the ideas to grow from.  It keeps you centered and it makes one heck of a party and this theme is totally pulling its weight.

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Our Adventure Scrapbook DIY

Just a few weeks ago my husband and I headed down to Disney World to celebrate Halloween at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP).  We love this time of year at the parks because of the special events that take place and the fact that the weather has cooled off so navigating the four parks is a much more pleasant experience!

One reason we love MNSSHP is because adults are allowed to wear costumes too!  Because they want to keep the magic alive for the children adults cannot wear any costume that represents a Disney character on any normal day, but those rules are thrown out the window on party nights!

Our Adventure Scrapbook

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Thanksgiving Glitter Leaf Name Cards

Hey friends! It’s Madison from The Wetherills Say I Do here again with a fun holiday themed project for you! I am trying to get ahead of the game this year with this fun Thanksgiving themed project.

Leaf Place Settings

It’s hard to believe we are quickly passing Halloween and moving full speed ahead towards Thanksgiving. I’ve never been one for anything remotely scary, so Thanksgiving always takes priority for me. This year, I’m so excited to be hosting a big group for dinner. Because of that, I’m having to make extra preparations aside from just buying food. One fun thing I wanted to do, though, was incorporate a way to use name tags on our tablescape.

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