How to Build a Bathtub Caddy


How to build a bathtub caddy | Home Coming for

Hello My Crafty friends! It’s Kayla from Home Coming, here to share another great tutorial. This time I brought along Carpenter/Husband Justin to help out.

I feel like all we ever talk about over on Home Coming is our Master Suite remodel, probably because it’s consumed the last seven months of our lives. But now we’re officially done and can start focusing on other (but still related) things. So today, we’re here to show you this handy-dandy Bathtub Caddy that Justin build for me to enjoy in our brand new master bathroom.

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How To Shade With Stain

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Since I spend a lot of my time refinishing and painting furniture, I’m always looking to try out a new technique with the hope of adding something new to my bag of tricks. When I came across a picture of a beautifully stained flower on the top of a table top, I immediately wanted to try and replicate it. Problem is, I’m no artist. I’m somewhat crafty — as long as it’s easy — and have a decent eye for color and design, but when it comes to putting pen to paper I can barely draw a stick figure. I wasn’t going to let that stop me from trying though.

Turns out shading with stain is pretty easy. I tried the technique on a scrap piece of pine to get the feel for it and now I’m anxious to try it on a bigger scale soon.

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