Party Decor – Brown Bottle Hanging Bouquets

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There is no hiding from my love of fresh cut blooms.  I also am guilty of loving a sensible glass jar, albeit recycled, to display such blooms.   So, imagine my joy when I though “yes, recycled brown bottles with blooms in them I say! I say thou shalt hang them too, with rustic brown twine, and they shall hang and swoon with the breath of the wind, bringing beauty unto thine sight and charm to thine party and much praise from thine brethren and friends.”  Okay sorry, little tangent there.  But seriously, this is a great craft and so easy and so lovely, you simply must have a moment and hang them about and bask in their gentle whimsy.

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What I love about this craft, for me personally is that I did it completely for free.   I dug through my recycling for some stunning brown bottles and even “took one for the team”, as it were, and drank the last lonely left-over Guinness from St. Patties day for the final bottle.  Then I raided my yard and lawn.  I used a blooming twig from the flowering plum tree, the almost fragrant pearls of the lilac out back, the snow drops that somehow pop up around the meter reader off the back porch and even a few weeds and dandelions from beyond the fence to finish it off.  Suffice it to say, everything looks perfectly classy in a brown bottle.

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