St. Patrick’s Day Beer Cap Wreath

Beer Cap Wreath Featured Image

I’m so happy to be back for my second post at My Crafty Spot! If you missed my first post here, I’m Melissa and you can always find me over at A Prudent Life. I’d love you to pop over and say hi!

About 8 years ago, I realized we should be saving bottle caps for future DIY projects. We keep a container for them in a kitchen drawer with the bottle opener. When it gets full, the caps get divided by color family and stored in the craft room. A big wall art project is in the works, but I decided to use some of our collection for a great St.Patrick’s Day project. It was so easy!


  • 12″ Wire Wreath Form (about $3)
  • Hot Glue Gun or Other Thick Adhesive
  • Bottle Caps (I used 56)

Materials For Beer Cap Wreath

I considered wrapping the frame in burlap ribbon, thinking the caps would better adhere to it. I did a dry run before gluing the ribbon to the frame. It wasn’t the look I envisioned. After trying and vetoing about 5 other kinds of ribbon, it was time to test going ribbon-less! I used hot glue to attach one cap directly to the frame and it worked!

Before I attached any others, I planned my design for the inner and outer loops. I ended up doing a brighter green on the inside with darker green, gold, and black around the outside. One thing I LOVE about this project is that every wreath will be totally unique!

Select Caps & Draft Placement

When I was happy with my pattern, I started gluing. Each cap will attach to two wires, so you’ll want to put a few inches of glue on both wires before attaching the caps. I used enough hot glue for two to three caps at once. My mom/future hand model came over to put the caps on as I glued. The project is doable with one person, but having a helper made it go quicker. Thanks mom!

Apply bottle caps with hot glue

As you get about four caps away from making a complete circle, check your spacing so you don’t end up with a large gap. I was on a roll and forgot to do this, so I have a slightly bigger gap in one spot.

So, risk one is your spacing getting off. Risk two is THIS happening….

Making a St Pat Wreath

The entire wreath was hot glued to the foam core! Oops! We tried prying it off with a ruler, but it wasn’t even budging. Next up we used scissors to cut the glue between the board and frame (same angle as the ruler shown above). That worked better, but the outside was still holding on and the scissors wouldn’t fit. I carefully inserted a box knife from the outside and cut all the way around. Voila, our wreath was free and only a few caps were loose after all that prying & cutting.

Here’s a close up of the finished product!

Beer cap art

 You can see the frame and even the glue in some spots in the close up, but they are not noticeable at a normal distance. Here’s my full St. Paddy’s Day display.

St. Patricks Day Full Display

The wacky vases in the center are upcycled from household trash. They started off as Valentine’s vases, and they I found a way to update them for March. I’ve got the full tutorial for them here!

If you need a cute banner for your wreath, check out this  free Irish printable!

Thanks for reading! I’ll see you back here next month!

Melissa George from A Prudent Life

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  1. Melissa, this is amazing! I love bottle cap projects and we have our own stash, but I never thought to make a wreath! Definitely pinning!

  2. Love this! I’m going to start collecting my caps for next year!