Simple Wooden Tree Topper

DIY Tree Topper

This year I wanted to do something completely different with our Christmas decorations.  For the past five years everything in our home has been blue and white, and I was ready to change things up.  My mom and I decided to go to a Christmas shop in my area, and I saw the most beautiful music themed Christmas tree.  The bulbs were gorgeous and purple (my favorite color) so I knew I just had to have the ornaments.  Luckily my husband was pretty laid back about having a more feminine colored tree!

Because I decided to change things up this year I also needed a new tree topper.  Normally I put a blue and white angel that my parents passed down to me on the tree, but she wouldn’t match the new colors this year.  I decided that instead of making an overly large bow or buying a topper that I just kind of liked I would just make my own.  And since my husband is into very minimalist design, I decided to go simple.  Because simple is always better, right?



  • Wooden Star from Hobby Lobby
  • Scissors or an exacto knife
  • Sheet music (I printed mine off line)
  • Mod podge (I used the antique kind)
  • ribbon (optional)
  • hot glue
  • glitter (optional)
  • Paper Mache cone, XS size

DIY Tree Topper

How to

  1. Using mod podge, glue pieces of the sheet music onto your wooden star.  I really wanted a pieced together look so I cut up different pieces of sheet music and overlaid them on the star until I got the look I wanted.  Cut off the excess paper with either an exacto knife or scissors.
  2. Wait until the paper is dry then paint another layer of mod podge on top and pour glitter over it to give the entire star and nice shimmer.
  3. After everything is dry, use hot glue to attach the ribbon to the outside outline of the star.
  4. Cut an XS paper mache cone a few inches smaller than your star, and then attach it to the back with hot glue.  This is what you’ll use to place the star on your tree!
  5. Once everything is dry you can put it in it’s place and appreciate your new simple tree topper!

I’m really loving our new tree this year and the topper just pulls the whole design together!  Tell me, do you like to have a mix of handmade and store-bought ornaments or tree toppers for your tree?

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