Simple Wine Cork Herb Garden Markers

Ever wondered what you can do with your leftover wine corks? These wine cork herb garden markers are super simple to make and add a little sweetness to your garden.
What you need:

  • 4-7 wine corks (As many corks as herbs you are growing)
  • This is the easy part because you get to actually drink a bunch of wine! These markers are so simple to make you can make them while you drink a few glasses of wine if you would like.
  • Fine point permanent marker, I used American Crafts brand
  • 4-7 different colors of acrylic paint
  • Sponge tip paint brush
  • White wire hanger (mine was from the dry cleaners)
  • Wire Cutters
  • Modge Podge
How To
1. Drink wine and save your corks
2. Write herb names on corks
3. Use wire cutters to cut the length of the hanger that you would like your markers to be (Mine vary in length 5-7 inches each)
4. Stick the end of the hanger into the cork – be careful because it slips easily!
5. Now that the hard work is done pour yourself another glass of wine
6. Stick the wire end of the marker into your herb garden
7. Admire your work!
The other way I have done these is painted the wine corks with acrylic paint in different fun colors to match my old whiskey barrel garden container. I’m a messy crafter and actually rolled the paint onto the corks and didn’t even use the paint brush. But- those crafty neat freaks out there make sure to have your paint brush to paint them with less mess.  I added Modge Podge after to seal the paint onto the cork.
My painted corks ended up looking a little ’80s with all the neon colors, which I am actually OK with because I loved the ’80s! After letting the paint dry, write the herb names on the corks. Insert the wire sticks, add to your garden and enjoy!
For a more organic look you could use thin sticks/twigs instead of the hanger wire. After doing the corks both ways I prefer the painted corks because they add a lot of color and fun to my little herb garden.

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