Rustic Wood Initial Place Cards

Hello My Crafty Spot readers!

It’s Erin again from The Blue Eyed Dove. I’m so excited that Thanksgiving is right around the corner…aren’t you!?

I love everything about Thanksgiving from spending time with family, to the food and reflecting on all of the good things in life…because we all really have so much to be thankful for.

{Not to get too sentimental on you} 🙂

Anyways…back to the craft!

This month I have a Thanksgiving Day inspired craft to share with you.

Rustic Wood Initial Place Cards

Holidays in the Fall are perfect opportunities to get rustic with your crafts.

And since I’m not much of a rustic girl Thanksgiving gives me an excuse to craft with things I don’t normally use…like a block of wood!

My mom hosts Thanksgiving every year and since I’m not much of a cook I offered to make place cards.

I mean crafting over cooking…it’s a no-brainier.


  • Wood Blocks {And some type of saw if cutting your own}
  • Paint
  • Paint Brushes

Here’s how I made the place cards:

Rustic Wood Initial Place Cards

First they sell all different sizes of wood blocks in stores these days, but in the spirit of being rustic {and cheap} I cut my own blocks.

1. Cut the wood blocks to the desired shape. Mine are all different shapes and sizes because I wanted them to look different.

2. Paint a circle on one side of the wood block. Leave a thin edge around the circle to keep the rustic look. Let dry.

3. Once dry paint on the initial with a different color of paint, and let dry.

That’s it…super easy stuff!

Rustic Wood Initial Place Cards

Rustic Wood Initial Place Cards

Something fun…a little different…and definitely rustic to add to your Thanksgiving table this year!

Rustic Wood Initial Place Cards

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Looking forward to sharing another craft with you next month 🙂

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  1. Super easy and oh so cute! I love this craft!
    ~ Ashley