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Pumpkin Diorama….that’s right a DIORAMA


Growing up I was a lover of all things little.  My mom would take me to the library and I would pick out the smallest of books.  We would go to the grocery store and I would fawn over the trial sized toiletries.  I constantly looked for little magical areas that might house a tiny fairy or a miniature elf.  I remember my dad used to make these epic terrariums in big jugs with tiny openings.  Dad had all of these tools he had manufactured to manipulate the little worlds he made.  This is why I was simply in love with diorama projects at school.


When is the last time you heard the word diorama?  I mean seriously…can you remember?  The word no doubt brings back memories of class projects and the hours spent doing the dreaded homework.  Sitting at your desk longingly looking outside, wishing you were there riding your bike on the chalk town that you and your friends spent all weekend drawing.


I remember my last diorama; it was the fifth grade, Mrs. Rhodes class. I remember carefully trying to create a scene that fully expressed the emotion I experienced while reading the book Where the Red Fern Grows.  I remember looking for the perfect sized shoebox and deciding where to place the opening; the slow, almost meditative process of painstakingly manipulating miniature little props to create a teeny secret world that I desperately wanted to be able to crawl into and live.  Now that we are all grown up creating a Pumpkin Diorama is like taking a trip down memory lane.


The love of miniature has followed me into my adult life and I enjoy making little worlds in terrariums like my dad and setting up those ridiculously laborious but equally fantastic, holiday villages.  It’s like a gift when my mom is too tired from setting up decorations that she lets me do it!!!   All the little people and their stories, these carolers and this house and that set of trees.  Who will walk down the lane lit by shrunken lamp posts?  Will the hobo cooking a fish on the fire have an audience this year or will he be tucked away in the woods alone this holiday season?  Every year finding a new place for each figurine to live, a new story for them to tell.  That girl with the skates is flirting with the boy carrying the packages this year.  Last year I had her gossiping with the lady outside the quilt store.  Getting lost in these little wolds is so freeing to me that when I heard tell of creating a diorama in a pumpkin; I could barely contain my excitement.  How was it possible that all of these Halloweens I had failed to think or hear of this novel idea?!


I have heard of the “Funkin”, these carve-able fake pumpkins that you can purchase at craft stores and online.  I thought this would be perfect for my Halloween Diorama.  But holy mackerel the price, these are expensive little gourds!!!  Now I am a girl on a budget, so I started the old frugality wheels spinning on how to do this “little” craft project a “little” more reasonably.   Two words folks, thrift store.  I popped down to my local thrift and started thumping on all of the fake pumpkins in there.  Eureka!! I found a hollow one and the price ladies and gentleman?  Only $1.99!! Now that’s my type of fun-kin!  Oh yea now it’s time to craft!!



You will need

1.     A hollow fake pumpkin

2.     A knife

3.     Styrofoam that is roughly the size of the bottom of your pumpkin

4.     Moss

5.     Twigs, sticks and leaves

6.     Leaves

7.     Black spray paint

8.     Hot glue

9.     Miniature items


How To

1.     Cut a hole in your pumpkin and spray paint black

2.     Place the Styrofoam inside and cut if necessary

3.     Decorate with moss and miniature items to create a spooky scene

4.     Glue or toss leaves around to finish off the effect

5.     Enjoy getting lost in your little world















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