DIY Rustic Photo Collage Frame

When I got married, I knew I wanted to have a hand in making some of the “props” for the wedding. One thing I really wanted to make was a seating chart. After some searching, I came up with the idea to utilize a frame and hang paint chips with names written on them as the seating chart. Here is an in action photo from our wedding of the final result.

What I loved about this frame was that after the wedding I was able to reuse it afterwards. So I wanted to teach you all how to make a DIY photo collage frame of your own. This is such a versatile decor piece in your home that you can change out as often as you like or leave up for months at a time.

Surprisingly, this is a really easy craft to make. You’ll need:

  • -A frame (look out for sales on backless frames!)
  • -Short nails
  • -Thick wire (20 gauge or thicker) like this
  • -Needlenose Plyers/Wire Cutters
  • -Hammer
  • -Photos/memorabilia
  • -Mini Binder Clips like these (or another way to hang things on wire)

Start by getting your frame ready. If necessary, paint and sand frame. I wanted to go for a distressed look, so I took a piece of sand paper and lighted sanded the edges to allow the natural wood to show through.

You may want to get your frame ready to hang as well (if there are no saw tooth hangers attached already). When I first used this for the wedding, I spaced out each row an inch a part. But for the house, I wanted there to be enough space in between to hang vertical pictures as well as horizontal. So there is about 3 inches between rows. I would recommend measuring out the distance you’d like your rows to be apart, starting with an inch from the top of the frame.

Next take the raw end of your wire and wrap the end tightly around the nail towards the head. Then use the hammer to nail into the board, even with your measurement. Repeat on opposite side and with other rows.

The next step is to find your photos. I love using my collage as a way of showing off “current events” so when possible I like to use wedding invitations, birth announcements, Christmas cards, etc. as a part of my display. I also like using ticket stubs or souvenirs from trips. This is a perfect time to be creative and make your collage really you!



It’s so fun to have a spot you can recreate anytime you want. It’s the focal part of this wall and always becomes a talking point when we have guest over. Just make sure if you have a guest over that their picture is on the frame 😉

I hope you’ll enjoy designing your one-of-a-kind photo collage frame. I’ve been using mine for almost two years now and it is probably my favorite decor piece in my home!
Do you have any creative ways of displaying your photos & souvenirs in your home?


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Madison is a graphic designer by career but spends her weekends cooking, crafting and doing freelance design and photography. She gets her creative side from her mom, who taught Madison to scrapbook growing up. She loves using her Pinterest inspired crafts to make her house more of a home! She has a passion for photography and travel and her biggest fans are her husband, Steven, and her puppy, Azi. Her blog is a way of sharing all aspects of life, but started out as a way of documenting newlywed lessons learned.

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