Personalized Coasters

Personalized Coasters 1

Have you ever had to shop for a gift for someone that seems to have everything?  I know there are many people on my gift list that I always have a hard time shopping for.  I love a good gift card, but sometimes a gift card just doesn’t seem right.  A personalized gift is always a good idea and these personalized coasters are super easy and inexpensive to make.

The first thing you will need are some 4 inch by 4 inch white tile, that are found at The Home Depot.  You can free hand your designs or like I did here, create a design on your computer and print it out the size of your tiles.  Once you have it the size you want and trimmed, take a pencil and cover the back side of your design with pencil lead.  Then place the design onto your coaster, pencil lead side down.  Use your pencil to trace the lines of your design, make sure to push down pretty hard, onto your tile.

Personalized Coasters 2

When you remove your paper design, you should see a light pencil design on your tile that you can now trace with your paint pens.  I just used regular paint pens that are found at the craft store to trace my design.  Once all the tiles have their designs on them, spray them with a clear matte spray finish.

Personalized Coasters 3

Then using hot glue, glue square cork coasters onto the back side of the tiles.  These square coasters were found at Michael’s.

Personalized Coasters 4

You can do all one design or make several designs depending on who you are gifting them to. They are easy to clean by just wiping with a damp cloth.

Personalized Coasters 5

These make great gifts for Christmas, but would be good for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day too.

So who on your list could use a couple of these personalized coasters?

Happy Crafting!


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