Magnetic Felt Fishing Game – Pattern & Tutorial

fish 001

Magnetic Felt Fishing Game Pattern & Tutorial
{This pattern is for personal use only.}

You will need:

  • Felt (4 different colors, about 8×10)
  • 8 Buttons
  • 8 Wiggly Eyes**
  • 8 Washers
  • 2 Extra Strong Magnets
  • A 12” Wooden Dowel
  • 3’ of ¼” Ribbon
  • Felt Scraps
  • Glue Gun

**Make sure the wiggly eyes fit inside the buttons you’ve selected. There are various different sizes, so it should be fairly easy to find some that work.

fish 004
Cut out your pieces (layer two pieces of felt for the body to save time) and assemble.

fish 006
Pin the fin to the fish body (one on each side), carefully making them symmetrical (if you are OCD like me.)

fish 009
Sew a fin piece onto a body piece. I skipped the scalloped part of the fin; feel free to do this too. Repeat for the other side making sure that you sew the fin onto the correct side, mirroring the previous fin.

fish 013
Now that the fins are on, sew the eyes on. Do both simultaneously so that the body pieces are ‘pinned’ together, making sure that the body pieces match up well.

fish 019
Starting at the tail, sew ¾ of the way around the fish body with a 1/8” seam allowance.

fish 026
Half way through sewing the body together put 2 washers inside the fish body.

fish 030
Continue sewing the body closed.

fish 032
Repeat for the next three fish. (Now is also a good time to start warming up your glue gun.)

fish 041
Hot glue the wiggly eyes onto the buttons. Use a generous amount of glue to ensure that the eyes don’t fall off. I cover about ¾ of the button surface with glue and press the wiggly eye into the button creating a little glue ‘lip’ around the eye. (You can skip this part if you’re worried about the choking hazard that these could pose if they were to fall off.)

fish 045
Now assemble the fishing pole. Using the magnets, trace and cut two felt circles out of your felt scraps.

fish 065
Hot glue the ribbon between the two magnets and glue a felt circle on each end. (I started with one magnet and it wasn’t powerful enough, I definitely recommend using two extra strong magnets.)

fish 068
Using the dowel to measure, cut a piece of felt that surrounds the circumference of the dowel in width and about 1 ½” for the length.

fish 072
Glue about an inch of the ribbon onto the dowel with the long part of the ribbon falling off the end (like a fishing pole) and glue the felt piece around the ribbon further sealing it.

fish 084
Like so.

fish 094
Now enjoy your fishing game!! My two year old loves this game and it’s a great busy bag idea.

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