Last-Minute DIY Bomber Airplane Costume



Looking for an awesome and original costume you can make at home in just a few steps? Check out this awesome airplane costume. With just a few tweaks, you could turn this plane into any design you wanted!

Here’s what you’ll need:


  • 1 or 2 large boxes
  • Box Cutter
  • Army Green  Spray Paint
  • Gummed Brown Kraft Tape
  • Duct Tape
  • Spray Adhesive
  • 1” Cotton Webbing
  • Construction Paper (Black, White, Red)
  • Permanent Marker


First, sketch the shape of your plane onto your cardboard, draw the plane body and wings (we’ll do the top in a little bit). Mine is about 3’ long and I tried not to extend the design past the flaps so it was as stable as possible. Using the box cutter, cut out the design.


Using the negative space of the first side, cut the second piece trying to keep any text or blemishes on the inside of the plane.


To create the top take a long, straight piece of cardboard with the corrugation running horizontally. Rocking the cardboard section by section along the edge of your main plane design, mark each place where the cardboard touches.


Bend the cardboard at each line so that the piece mirrors the shape of the plane. Be sure to leave a 1 ½ foot gap for the cockpit.


Slowly duct tape the top to the inside of the plane. It’s important to only use the duct tape on the inside because the spray paint won’t stick to the duct tape.


This is what the shell should look like at this point.


Now, section by section use the kraft tape. It requires water to activate the adhesive, so spray it with a spray bottle.


Place half of the width of the tape down on the box along the seam. To get the curves nice and smooth cut the tape into tabs halfway in and overlap them.


Here’s what it’ll look like after the kraft tape is on.  Now create a line even on both sides that is ¼” longer than the width of your wings. Use your box cutter and cut along the line and insert your wings in by an inch. Fold over the excess wing inside and tape it down.


Next, take your plane outside and spray paint it. Spray paint worked best for me. It was fast and dried in a few minutes.


Next, make the face. I tried painting it on at first and it was a disaster. Instead, sketch it on to your paper and cut both faces out at the same time to keep them symmetrical. I cut the black and white out for the mouth at the same time, then cut out the red a little bigger at the back of the mouth. I then cut out all the teeth and layered them on top of each other using the spray adhesive. I used a permanent marker for the eye and eyebrow. Use the same technique for the nose.


Using your child’s dimensions make the harness. I used a reinforcing stitch for the cross straps and then cut a small slit on the outside edges of the plane and pulled the harness through, knotting it once.


And there you have it! A bomber jacket, helmet, and goggles would make this costume, but it’s a standalone too.

Have a fun and safe Halloween everyone!!!


lindsayLindsay is a mother by day; artist, blogger, crafter by night. She is currently obsessed with photography, nail art, and trying to fit dinner somewhere between all of that. Her goal for this year is to find a cure for short-nap syndrome and ‘That’s Mine!’ disease.
Twitter: @TwoBobbinsLater

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