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I love going to flea markets and antique stores. My eye is always drawn to the rusty junk that I can use for creating junk market crafts.  Hi, I’m Karen and I blog at Gardenchick, where you  can see many of my creations, as well as great gardening tips, and ideas for a more self reliant lifestyle.

I was rummaging through my “stash of goodies”  looking for an idea for this post.  I wanted to create two different junk market crafts to give you an idea of how you can repurpose your finds.  My motto is “never throw away anything!”.  (And find creative ways to hide it from your husband).

This old  garden hoe piece was found in a bin of rusty garden pieces at a local antique shop.  It’s flat surface would be great for writing on or adding other junk pieces.  I think it cost about $2.00  Next, after looking through my junk market craft pieces, I found a piece of ephemera I had recently purchased at an antique mall for less than a dollar.  It was an old egg advertisement, so my idea for the hoe piece was taking shape.   I looked through my scrabble pieces, praying there was enough letters for EGGS.  Great!  There was.  Now to complete the hoe piece.

Any time you are gluing to metal you need to use a glue that is made for that purpose.  I like E6000. I use it when making jewelry and working with metal.  I positioned the scrabble pieces on and glued them, and added the egg advertisement.  It looked like it needed something else, so again, rummaging through my pile, I found a burlap flower with a pearl glued on.  The pearl would not do for this piece, so I removed it and glued a black button on.  The colors for this project were brown and black, so the black button was perfect.

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The finished product can be placed on a picture easel, hung on the wall, or tucked into a vignette like I did with this piece.  It looked great with my ivy and a little rusted metal truck sitting in my dining room.

My next craft was using some old wooden spindles I found in a trash heap. (Yes, I go through trash heaps.  Don’t you?).  I could only salvage about 6 of the 15 or so, because they had been out in the rain for a long time and had rotted.  The little frog salt and pepper shakers were another inexpensive find at a local antique mall.  I also go into the booths marked 40%-50% off.  I wouldn’t have bought these to use at home, but they went great with my garden theme décor and I had the perfect idea for them.  It won’t be long until spring is here and flowers will fill every pot outside.  Flower pics add a little whimsy to the pot.

Frog Salt and Pepper shakers for Junk market crafts www.mycraftyspot.com

I placed the spindle end all the way into the bottom of the shaker, and marked where it stopped at the bottom.  I put a ring of E6000 glue on the spindle, and place it back into the shaker. In a short while, it was glued firmly on the spindle and placed in a pot of ivy.

junk market craft flower pic spindle

Placed beside my barn birdhouse, the green ivy and frog flower pic look perfect.

Junk Market Crafts Spindle

Frog S&P Shaker Flower Pic for Junk Market Crafts www.mycraftyspot.com

What you need to complete this craft:

Old garden hoe with a flat surface

Scrabble pieces

Burlap flower or other choice


Ephemera that matches your theme

Old salt and pepper shakers


E6000 glue


I hope you enjoyed this post, and will try your own junk market craft.








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Karen Creel lives on a four-acre hobby farm in Northwest Georgia. Employed as a nurse for 35 years, her life has now taken on many facets. Her days off are spent developing her garden which includes vegetables, blueberries, grapes, figs and an herb garden. Current projects include building her chicken coop, and learning all she can about beekeeping since obtaining her first hive in 2013. When she is not in the garden, you can find her at flea markets, thrift stores, and digging through her storage building for things to create from re-purposed, once loved objects. Her three grand-kids keep her pretty busy too! Her favorite quote is “It’s never too late to be what your might have been."

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  1. That’s totally cute, and I love the spindles. There has to be a way to age them to look like that – I salvage them from old chairs, but they don’t have the patina. I toyed with the idea of using a cement mixer to make driftwood, I bet that would work!

  2. Your little frog by the barn looks so at home! I loved your comment about hiding your items from your husband, I do that too with the wood and fabric I bring home from my thrift store shopping trips.