Geometric Painted Set of Children’s Blocks – DIY


As a mother of a ten month old, my living room is full of brightly colored plastic toys. It seems like my son’s favorite toys are the biggest, ugliest (loudest) ones. Now that he’s starting to show interest in blocks, I’ve been looking around for a set that he and I can enjoy together (preferably one that I like to look at, since they’ll no doubt be scattered on the floor for much of the day!).

Here’s a little set of wood blocks stained and painted with geometric shapes. The bright white and metallic gold accents are so clean and modern! This little stack of blocks will look good on a living room floor as well as stacked on a shelf waiting for tiny hands to play with them.

You will need:
  • 2″ wood cubes (can be bought at your local craft store in the woodcrafting section)
  • wood stain
  • paint brushes
  • white and gold spray paint
  • painter’s tape
  • varnish or beeswax

1. Using a paint brush, paint an even layer of stain on the entire surface of each of the wood cubes. Following the stain’s instructions, wait until it is dry, and paint a second coat if necessary.




2. After the stain has dried completely, use painter’s tape to create geometric patterns on the blocks. Triangles and horizontal stripes make bold designs! Make sure that the tape is pressed down firmly on the surface of the cube, in order to prevent paint from leaking through. (If leaks happen, use a small paint brush and wood stain to cover the spot.)




3. Spray the cubes with white paint and wait for them to dry completely.




4. Only after the spray paint has dried completely, remove the painter’s tape.




5. To add a layer of gold paint, repeat steps 2-4, placing the painter’s tape in a different pattern on the cubes.


6. Seal with varnish (if the blocks are for older toddlers) or beeswax (if for younger babies). In order to make these blocks safer for baby mouths to chew on, melt food-grade beeswax on the stove and rub all over the cubes to create a non-toxic sealant. Do not let children chew on unsealed wood stain (it contains known carcinogens).


cat-does-thatCat Surface is a wife and new mom currently living in Fort Worth, Texas. In between pureeing baby food and cuddling her son, Augie, you’ll find Cat crafting and DIYing as fast as she can while her baby naps. Cat documents her family’s activities on her personal blog, Cat Does That.


Twitter: @Catdoesthat


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