Free Printable Cake Topper


It was my good friend’s birthday yesterday and I wanted to do something special for her so I decided to have a girls night at my house and bake her a cake! Anyone that reads my blog knows I am not a good cook and I am certainly not a good cake decorator. Check out my halloween cake below….. yes… that is the extent of my cake decorating skills. So for this cake I decided to make a free printable cake topper that hangs from dowels. It turned out so good that I wanted to share it with you!!


Now don’t zoom in too close, I don’t want you to see my cutting skills. They are about as bad as my cake decorating skills. But to be fair…. my friends were on their way over, my daughter was screaming because I had crushed her last graham cracker for the cake and  my scissors were covered in sticky residue from my last duck tape project. Soooo… Im hoping if you use this printable your circles come out better then mine 🙂


This cake topper was really easy to make. Here is what I did..

1. Paint dowels {optional} and put them in the cake



3. Cut out the letters and tape them to string. I WISH I would’ve used thinner white string or jute, but I was in a bit of a hurry.


4. Hang your string banner from the dowels and tape them down.


If you like the gold DIY cake stand pictured it was an easy project made from a candle stick holder and a plate. You can see the guest post tutorial I did on Niki’s Sweet Side here. 

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  1. The cake topper is beautiful!! I never think to do those sort of things when I make cakes…I need to start! The cake looks delicious by the way!!

  2. I always love your printables, they look so great. This printable would work for some many parties.

  3. I can’t even bake a cake, let alone frost or decorate it, so I’m just impressed by the cake itself! The topper is fabulous!! Where was this free printable last Friday when I really needed it for Charlie’s cake?!?! Joking … sort of! I meant to put a topper on his cake, but ran out of time (story of my life)!!

  4. Love your printables and it looks so pretty on your cake!