Felt Gingerbread Cookie Tutorial

It may not be too close to Christmas yet, but it doesn’t mean we can’t start thinking about projects that will be super fun to work on when the time comes. Besides, Christmas comes in a blink of an eye, its is always here before we know it.

Here is a fun tutorial to do with the kids.


  • 9×12 sheet of felt (hot chocolate)
  • Matching embroidery floss
  • 3D Fabric Paint in Red and White

Ikea 7-piece Baking Set (Duktig)

Using a water soluble marker, start by tracing the gingerbread man cookie cutter (or use this gingerbread man pattern). You will need two pieces for each finished cookie.



Once you’re done tracing the shapes you’ll want to cut them out. I cut them out and left the surrounding felt intact so I could use it as “dough”. You don’t have to do it like that, but if you have the baking set it’s fun to use with the rolling pin.


Also, if you are leaving the excess felt intact, make your initial cut on each gingerbread man on a straight section of the shape with a rotary cutter to keep the lines clean.


After you’ve cut out all your pieces place two of them together per cookie. Blanket stitch around the edges with the embroidery floss and tie off.


Using the puffy paint draw the eyes, mouth, buttons, and trim. Draw the face on first with your water soluble marker if needed.


Let dry and enjoy!


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  1. Georgeanna Lee says:

    This is a great idea. My daughter is going to use it for her scout troop, I am going to make and use this for my Christmas give aways . I enjoy making simple things because I shake a lot and have poor vision at timers. Thanks for the great idea. Blesings Georgie